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DroogCore “Music”: My Infernal Caterwauling

I make irritating “music.” Some people like it. I’ll use this page to link to all my albums.

I post a lot of my new tracks on Soundcloud.

Here’s the strange tale of how Jason Kavanagh, itsu jitsu netlabel mogul, “discovered” me: “My Improbable and Delightful Music ‘Career.'” Here’s my page at itsu j and here are my ij albums:

Boogafoo Music is a Moog album I recorded in 1974 in the St. Olaf Electronic Music Studio.

Video for a track from Boogafoo:


When Jason published Boogafoo and Pink Toads I was inspired to do my first album in over a decade. This is the first installment of a long-term project called 5 Dozen Bite-Sized Sonic Sculptures. Itsu jitsu published the first dozen as 5DBSSS One.


For some strange reason a lot of real musicians liked 5DBSSS One. Jason announced a remix album and 22 real musicians mixed tracks. The remixes are way better than the originals. See for yourself:

(Again, scroll the player to track 1, plz.)

Here’s my latest album, released on December 9, 2020. From Stomp the Genre Records.


I recorded Pink Toads with my daughter in 1997. We call our band Zilch Spacecasting Network.

(Scroll to track 1 in the player, plz.)


When itsu jitsu went on hiatus Elizabeth Veldon was kind enough to publish my new albums on her Black circle records [sady defunct]:

My first drone album. All tracks based on an accidental sample of a Storz & Bickel Volcano.


I recorded the rusty hinge of the LOPI woodstove I use to heat my lakeside Wisconsin cabin. I mixed the samples following loosely the traditional structure and spirit of a suite.

Video for a track from LOPI:


(Please scroll the player to track 1.)

[I need to upload this album.] I asked musicians to remix my LOPI Woodstove Suite and the result is delightful (to me, anyway ;^).


A collection of random pieces, mostly from the past 6 months, but track 1 is from 1974.


Recent sweepings from the studio floor. My plan for upgrading humanity, one earhole at a time. The cover is pretty funny, IMHO.


Another compilation of audio debacles published by Black Circle in November 2012.


A compilation of my least worst short tracks from 1974-2012 published by Black Circle in March 2013.


Audio mishaps published by Black Circle in August 2013.

A bunch of tracks from the mid-70’s, mostly Moog noodling, published by Black Circle in October 2014.

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