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American Federal Income Taxes: The Greatest Bargain in the World

I’ve always felt that the taxes I pay to live in America are a bargain. You’re kidding me? I only have to pay $x to live in this great country for a whole year? Where’s the catch?

Yep, I’m one of those screwy people who thinks paying taxes is patriotic. I want my taxes spent efficiently but I understand it takes real money to run a great country.

I’m dead broke now so I pay a pittance in taxes but I felt the same way when I was sending off many $100k’s a year during the fat mid-90’s years of MSFT options.

I’ve got a nephew who risks his life for America every day teaching student pilots how to fly C-130 Hercs. He’s a liberal who risked his ass in Iraq doing his duty. I like to think that my taxes pay part of his salary. Do you tea baggers really think he deserves a pay cut?

I am glad our President is being up front about the true costs of running the country in his budget – no longer fudging the cost of war.

I am grateful to be an American citizen and I gladly accept the responsibility of paying my dues.

My dollars wouldn’t be worth a dime if it wasn’t for the US government.

I hope you feel you got your money’s worth today.


Just another bleeding-heart liberal who values and loves his country enough not to belly-ache about the reasonable dues.

P.S.: “Tax and Spend” Democrats may tax income but “Borrow and Spend” Republicans tax equity – the Republican Incompetence Tax.

I dont pay nearly enough to live in this wonderful place.

I don't pay nearly enough to live in this wonderful place.

Time to work on Hel’s Bet.

Ex KKK Member Apologizes To Congressman John Lewis For Beating Him!

CNN reports “Former Klansman Elwin Wilson apologizes to the “whole world” for beating Rep. John Lewis long ago.”

I grew up in the racist deep south of segregated schools and bathrooms and restaurants. Seeing racial healing such as this reminds me again how far our country has come from those days of cruelty.

The video also reminds us that racism is far from dead. Mr. Wilson got calls from racists hating him for his apology.

Justice and understanding go hand in hand.