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Blue Fire, Janice Hardy’s sequel to The Shifter

Janice Hardy, author of The Shifter and a member of my online writing group, has a title and cover for her sequel, Blue Fire!

Cover of Janice Hardy's "Blue Fire"

Janice is a graphic designer and talks about her involvement in designing the cover in her excellent blog.

I got to critique a draft of Blue Fire last summer. I love her protagonist, Nya, and the completely novel system of pain-based magic Janice created. I look forward to reading the finished book when it’s published this October.

Meanwhile I continue push my little book, Hel’s Bet. I added a quotes page to the website.

Author Janice Hardy’s New Website

Just over a year ago I joined the amazing online writing group Written in Blood (thanks, Dario!). Janice Hardy was the first of the Bloodies to get a book deal, right before I joined the group, for her YA trilogy The Healing Wars and its first volume The Shifter:

Janice Hardys YA Fantasy The Shifter will be published in October 2009

Janice Hardy's YA Fantasy "The Shifter" will be published in October 2009

Janice has just launched her website at:!

I just had the fun of reading and critiquing the 2nd book of The Healing Wars.  Janice is a great writer and I’ve got my pre-order in for volume 1 ;^)

Just last Fall I had hopes of being the 2nd of the 8 writers in Written in Blood to get a book deal. Our group had an amazing year and so now I am hoping to be the 5th! Dario Ciriello and Juliette Wade and Aliette de Bodard are all going to beat me to the shelf. It’s tons of fun watching my writer friends get deals and move through the publication process.

Congrats, Janice! The Healing Wars is going to do great with the YA crowd AND their parents.