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Angry Robot News: Scraping Myself off the Ceiling

The Angry Robot reader gave a big thumbs up to Channel Zilch:

Hi Doug,

I hope this makes your day – I will be putting Channel Zilch through to Marc and Lee [heads of Angry Robot]. It’s certainly one of the most unique styles and voices that I’ve read in a story! I do think it’s a very Marmite way of writing, so either people will love it or hate it. I loved it, the boys may not, but we can only try.

From here on in it goes into a standard submission procedure. Don’t expect to hear anything for at least 8-10 weeks, if not longer. Both Marc and Lee will read the novel and both have to give agreement before it goes in front of the Osprey/Angry Robot marketing board, who also have to give agreement. There are still many hurdles to jump but you’ve cleared the first.


[An Angry Robot reader with exquisite literary taste]


2011-05-01 Myrna's 2011 Birthday Treasure Hunt 150

Random Picture of Doug looking happy. Cap'n Jack Sparrow follows my fashion innovations slavishly.

I love her description of my writing style as Marmite: strongly flavored; you either love it or hate it.

CZ still has major hurdles as listed above, but this is another indication that it’s not complete crap ;^)

A much-needed boost! My health continues to scrape bottom. Just had to cancel a trip to Philly for my Mom’s 80th because I’m too sick right now. I doubt that I will accomplish much on Castle Rising this month.

Another small step on my arduous but inevitable journey to the Nobel Prize for Literachewer!

Next step: Write the MarmiteStyle Manifesto.