Makes ya wanna think.

Looking for Coder and Producer for ChipWits

It’s time to hand over coding and promoting ChipWits to someone else. My health doesn’t allow me to do a good job.

Here is the email I sent current ChipWits players:


I’ve decided that I can’t program ChipWits any longer. My epilepsy has gotten worse and programming is difficult for me. So we are looking for a programmer and a producer to take over the game:

ChipWits players are programmers so we are letting you guys know first. We’d love it if a hardcore ChipWits player took over.

I will continue to have a hand in game design along with Mike Johnston and our new team. I am going to concentrate on finishing rewriting my science fiction novel – – and working on a personal game about my disability –

Wish ChipWits luck this week in the Independent Games Festival:

They announce finalists on the 7th.

I am going to make a few tweaks this week and upload a new build, but I will wait until we’ve got a producer and coder onboard before running any more contests.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve ChipWits. Stay tuned for cool developments in 2009.


Doug Sharp

Feels both sad and good. Sad because I love programming and making games. Good because now ChipWits will grow and thrive (and make $$$!).

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